About Me

My Inspiration

I love photography! Pure and simple. There is just something so magnificent about being able to capture the world realistically, while maintaining the freedom to manipulate and transform it in your own artistic style. 
Images are the worlds universal language, they capture moments in time, convey emotion and tell stories. And as an image maker, I feel it is my responsability to not only have fun doing what I love, but to also be aware of the power images can have over people, and the meaning they hold - and it is my goal to make photographs that do just that.....
Whether it means capturing the exact moment that a father realizes his daughter is all grown up and about to marry the man she loves, or the chaotic efforts of firemen risking their lives to put out a tragic fire, or a perfect sunset, or offering a shy girl the chance to transofrm her self into someone else for just a day, or using photographs to say something about society, or the self, the possabilities are endless, and as long as my images mean something to someone I will continue to make them for as long as I am able!